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A dog is a pack animal that needs pack leadership and pack structure.  This is where most training fails by humanizing the dog.

We use a “whole dog approach” and look at nutrition, pack structure, exercise routines and training regiments.  There is no cookie-cutter method that works for all dogs.  Far too many dogs are being medicated for issues that can be taken care of and most aggression issues can be fixed with some pack structure and training regiments.  We believe in training before medicating.

All of our training starts with a one hour evaluation so we can see the pack structure, dog’s issues, behaviors, temperament and owners interaction.  We do not just sign you up for a class without meeting you and the dog.  Doing so is not looking out for the dog’s best interest and could set everybody up for failure.  Our perfect training scenario is to start the puppy off right with a lure & reward class that teaches owners basic commands and not to allow bad behaviors to begin.  If we do not allow bad behaviors to begin right away then we have less to correct later in life.  Puppy 101 class teaches by lure & reward with the power of verbal markers.  Then we layer over some leash pressure, in Puppies 102, once the dog knows the commands with food.

Our many classes consist of Lure & Reward with verbal markers, leash pressure with a training collar and/or e-collar.  There is a proper and humane way to use any training collar but far too many trainers out there will put a collar on a dog the first day of class and start to correct the dog.  That can change the dog’s behavior, temperament and relationship with its owner.  Same thing goes with a dog owner that orders an e-collar online or purchases a training collar at a pet chain, big box store and does not utilize it to its full potential.  Proper training collars used appropriately can be a valuable tool. 

When e-collar training we look for a training collar with 100 stimulation levels or more. If the e-collar is set up properly in the beginning and the dog learns to turn off low level stimulation, it can be a wonderful training tool.  To enroll in our e-collar classes the dog must already know and hold its commands on a 6 foot leash.  We do not train solely with an e-collar as it is an unnatural stimulus for a dog and if they do not know their basic commands they will not understand how to turn off that pressure.

Our goal with all of our students is to make sure they succeed.

Please contact us now to set up your one (1) hour evaluation.

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