Basic obedience and a whole lot more.....

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The videos shown below are of students in training or our own Dixi in training.  We try to keep them as up to date as possible by putting current students at the top of the page.  Feel free to watch all of the amazing dogs at work.

Dixi working her Drug Detection off leash.

Look at Paugus now! 
Here is Lucy working off leash on the Rail Trail behind our training facility.  She was able to get to this point in only 2 weeks!  What an amazing girl.

Here is Dixi training with her e-collar on the Rail Trail.

Here is a short clip of Tucker, the bull dog! He came to us because he could not walk on a leash properly. He was probably one of the worst pullers we have had come in to us in a long time. He had learned to pull on a padded back clip harness and became 50 pounds of pure chest muscle. The day of his evaluation he pulled so bad that his nylon leash was cutting into my fingers.  Look at him after a few days of training!!

Gordon working his commands on a 10 foot long line.

Grady starting his basic obedience.

Dixi practicing her personal protection work.
Here is Paugus working his obedience a few days into training.

Lucy working her off leash commands dragging a 10 foot long line.

Andy working his e-collar commands the day before he is to go home.
Gordon is training with his e-collar on a 10 foot long line. 
Talk about distraction training!  Here is Denali working his commands at PetCo. He came into us for training due to his "freak outs" in public when he encountered people or other dogs.  and I mean FREAK OUTS! This video was taken one week into training.
Gordon learning his commands his first week in school.

Dixi practicing her retrieving, holding and call back with no training collar.

Play reward after a long day of training.
Dixi working her drug detection.

Max working his basic obedience.

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