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Quotes After training 3 Golden Retrievers on my own, I thought I was well prepared to take on a 10 week old, Fox Red Lab puppy I named Grady. Boy was I in for a surprise. Grady was willful, stubborn, and wanted nothing to do with the humans in the household, only paying attention to our 9 year old Golden. After training attempts on our own and with other trainers we had used in the past, we stumbled upon The Happy Retriever. Now not only is our retriever happy, but the humans are too! Grady spent 2 full weeks in boot camp with Dorothy and Michael and came home a different dog. Unfortunately I was not as easily trained but this amazing husband and wife team never gave up on me either. I'm embarassed to admit that we were their problem children this past summer, but they got us through it. Bottom line is that I highly recommend the Happy Retriever for all of your dog training needs!!! Quotes
Owner of Grady - the Red Dog

Quotes The two week board and train program is a must! We got a new husky puppy and were going to puppy classes with no luck. He was a freak, totally running the show, and a total embarrassment to take out of the house. We were greatly regretting our decision to get a dog and saw no light at the end of the tunnel. We had to go on vacation and board anyway so we figured, why not? Couldn't get any worse! We came home to a whole new dog! Dorthy and Michael are amazing. They went above and beyond and it shows! Our husky can now be walked on the bike path with the baby in a stroller by one person and he passes all other forms of life (dogs, people, kids on bikes, birds, chipmunks, etc...) in an appropriate fashion that makes me proud. He stays in "place" every time the baby eats without even budging for the pieces of chicken and beef flying off the high chair in his direction. I cannot recommend them enough for any struggling pet owner. Best money we spent! Quotes
We now see the light!

Quotes The moment I saw "Rondo" I knew it was meant to be. What I didn't know is how he would change my life forever. "Rondo" is now Mr. Bruno S. Dogg. I adopted him just over a year ago and wow, has he has come a long way! Bruno had a very sad past, and he wouldn't be here at all if not for Dorothy & Michael of the Happy Retriever. Bruno had been homeless and needed surgery to remove an embedded prong collar from his neck. Needless to say, he was in desperate need of both love & training. I am so grateful they saw how special he is. They spent their own time working with him, and even saved him from death row. We really can't thank them enough. Today Bruno works as my service dog, and our bond is a very special one. He helps me everyday, and has saved me more than once! We continue to train and learn new things all the time, and we couldn't do it without Dorothy & Michael. They are knowledgeable, experienced trainers who truly go above and beyond. Quotes
Ami M.
Bruno's Mom

Quotes Calm effective training for you and the dog! Fantastic experience and support! Quotes

Quotes I can't thank Dorothy and Micheal enough so glad I found them. The board and train program at The Happy Retriever was just what Tucker needed. He has come along way in a short amount of time. Tucker was a tough cookie but they broke him down. So nice to actually take a walk verses being taken for one. I highly recommend The Happy Retriever. Quotes

Quotes I couldn't have been more pleased with the Puppy 101 Class I did with my pup Hunter. . It was a pleasure working with Dorothy and Mike. . . Great Trainers ! Looking forward to our next Class ! Quotes

Quotes LOVE Dorothy and Michael and The Happy Retriever! My dog wants to visit them every time we're on the Rail Trail! Great business...great trainers! Quotes

Quotes I am very very very very very happy we went here for training. While our pup "sir" Rooney is a lil bit over ADD he learned and did a great job and honestly don't think he would have done better elsewhere! I will recommend here (uuhmmm Neeley) to others looking for training. Quotes

Quotes Thank you Dorothy DeLuca Turcotte and The Happy Retriever for not only offering advice on a dog issue weeks ago, but then messaging me on Facebook to ask how the dogs were doing. Such great customer service. Thank you! Quotes

Quotes Tell us what you think!! Quotes
Dorothy Turcotte

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